Rubber Process Oil

       Mark Speciality India Rubber Process Oils are manufactured in various quality range of Aromatic,Parafinic & Napthanic range. It is available with various Viscosity range with its range of aniline point to suit specific end use requirements.

Rubber Process Oils are customised to specific requirements of various rubber products with respect to viscosity and aniline point, and are reputed for their consistent quality and prompt delivery schedules. The MSL range of Rubber Process Oils includes:

    Mark RPO- P-45, P-75, N-100, N-150 and RPO A-720 Download product Specification

    Petroleum oils are used in the manufacture of virtually all rubber products such as tyres, tube, battery cases, foot ware, mats, hoses.

    Their application in rubber industries is form raw material stage to finished products .Rubber Oils are added to the polymer which may or may not have been oil extended.

    Mark RPO P-45Download product Specification

    Mark RPO P-45 is highly paraffinic medium bodied rubber processing oil. Formulated carefully From highly refined solvent refined base stock of low sulphur content.

    Mark RPO P-45, is recommended for use as plasticizer in the manufacture of various rubber products, both natural as well synthetic rubber, mainly for automotive tube manufacturing units.


    Mark RPO P-75Download product Specification

    Mark RPO P-75 is light coloured paraffinic type of oil and has good colour stability and high flash point. This grade has low solvency.


    Mark RPO N-100Download product Specification

    Mark RPO N-100 is a Naphthenic type non staining light coloured rubber processing oil. xThese grades are blended form carefully selected base stocks to improve the processibility of natural rubber.

    Mark RPO N-150Download product Specification

    Mark RPO N-150 is Naphthenic type of oil. This grade is specifically developed to meet the requirement Of major tyre manufacturer. This grade is used to make the fabric coating compound, coating nylon Tyre cords of passenger vehicle tyres

    Mark RPO A-720Download product Specification

    This is an Aromatic type heavy bodied dark colour rubber process oil .This oil is blended from high aromatic streams produced during furfural extraction of lube oils.

    This grade finds extensive use in automobile tyres, belting battery cases etc where colour is not an important factor.

Specification of MSL Rubber Process Oils :

Product Specification :

Download product Specification

S.NO Product Kin.Viscosity
cST, at 40 oC
Flash Point
Pour Point
Aniline Pt
Mark RPO P-45 27-33 190 0 107-110
Mark RPO P-75 85-105 190 0 95- 98
Mark RPO N-100 20- 23 160 0 75
Mark RPO N-150 100-180 210 0 74- 95
Mark RPO A-720 35- 40 @ 100 oc 220 30 45- 48