Preservative cum Running Oils

Mark Prerun - 30 & 40 Download product Specification

Mark 5W-30,10W-30 ,10W-40, 20W-40 & 20W-50 are multigarde oils meets API SC/ CC, US MIL-L2104B performance level. These oils are formulated and blended with high quality base stocks having high viscosity index and selected additives to provide high detergency level and excellent oxidation stability. These oils can be used under all climatic conditions.

Mark per run grades are engine preservative- cum- running- in oils for new engines. These grades protect engine component against rust and corrosion during period of storage and transportation of engines.

Mark Prerun grades are specially developed for Engine lubricant- cum- running oils. They are blended for highly refined base oils with special anti rust and corrosion inhibitors in addition to the conventional crankcase oil additives.

Mark Prerun - 30 & 40

Major benefits of this :

  • These grades are recommended for engine break-in purpose and also as engine oil for drive away chassis. This can be use for petrol as well as diesel engines during bench test operation.